Promise Day Quotes for BF, GF, Husband, friends, wife, lovers

Promise Day Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, friends, wife, lovers can be downloaded from this page. Many authors have listed with Promise day quotes and you can select any one of them and send his/her quote to your love. Promise Day Quotes 2018 and wishes can be downloaded for free from here.

Happy Promise Day Quotes 2018

Thus, we have some especially and finest Promise Day Quotes for the buff that they may send and convey to their nearest and dearest on Promise Day

Wada h ye tujse mere sanam, teri dhadkano ki kasam
Jab tak hai dum me dum, yeh pyaar naa hoga kam….!!!

Kiya tha wada aane ka, lekin aap nibhana bhul gaye,
Aag to laga di mere dil mein, lakin bhujana bhul gaye.

Chahte hai wo hum se waisi chahat ka wada
Jaise!!! Ki hum unki bas jaan hi ban jaye..

Jhoote waade karke tune mere dil se khela hai
Yahi wajah hai ke aaj tu itna tanha aur akela hai

Promise Day Quotes for BF

Promise Day Quotes for Boyfriend

If you like fall in love then love includes huge of promises and duties. Here the huge assortment of Promise Day Quotes and SMS for the boyfriend, girlfriend.

Best lines said by a best frend:
“I cannot promise to solve all ur problems,
I can only promise that I will never let u face them alone..

Promise make your relation stronger,
it shows how much you can do for your love.
happy Promise Day

Suna Hai Wo Jate Hue Keh Gay Eke
Ab To Hum Sirf Tumare Khabo Me Ayenge
Koi Keh De Unse Ke Wo Wada Kar Lee
Hum Jindagi Bhar Ke Liye So Jayenge
Happy Promise Day

Promise Day Quotes for Girlfriend

Promise day quotes would be the way to Express your duties with the gorgeous arrangement of phrases. Every word of quotation will reveal your devotion to your other half and towards the connection between both.

I must have been born under a lucky star
to find a person as nice as you are
I will follow the rainbow to the end,
if you promise to be my friend
happy Promise Day

I Want Someone Who
Promise Me Nothing
Tries To Give
Me Everything.
Happy Promise Day.

Friendship Need
No Promises,
No Demands And
No Expectations.
Just Sincerity And Trust!
happy Promise Day

I may not always stay in touch.
But i care 4 u very much!
I may not prove 2 b d perfect friend
but i promise d relationship we share never ends

Promise Day Quotes for Husband

Promises are made to be followed and fulfilled whatever the requirements come and go. So make a few of the promises with promise day quotes and constantly be on these words.

When you are imp to another person.
That person will always find a way to make time for you.
No excuses.
No lies.
No broken promises.!!

Making Promise with you
Will not leave alone you alone
Neither today nor tomorrow
Happy Promise Day

Never wait until tomorrow to Promise someone you could Promise today,
Because when you give one, you get one right back your way.
happy Promise Day

I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems,
I Can Only Promise
That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone,
Happy Promise Day

Promise Day Quotes for Wife

Promise Day Quotes for Wife

If You’re among those who are Looking for the Promise day Quotes for Girlfriend, boyfriend, Husband, wife then you’re on the ideal site. Here we’ve upgraded many Promise day Quotes that you’ll also send your very best buddies.

I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems,
I Can Only Promise
That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone,
Happy Promise Day 2018!!!

Love Is The Happiness Of Today,
And Promise Of Tomorrow,
So This Warm Note Comes To U,
To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
Happy Promise Day.

Forever is not today,
Not tomorrow or a century
That will come,
But a lifetime.
And i promise to love you

Promise Day Quotes for Lovers

For using the specified Promise day Quotes for adoring you can merely replicate the provided Promise quotes and ship it to a loved ones.

Speaking Without Egos
Loving Without Intentions
Caring Without Expectations
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always
Happy Promise Day

Friendship Need
No Promises,
No Demands And
No Expectations.
Just Sincerity And Trust!
happy Promise Day.

Promise day is special promise to person, means make promise controller or promise driver of promise life because all relationship depends on promise transaction.

Forever is not today, not tomorrow or a century that will come, but a lifetime and I promise to love you forever. Happy Promise Day!

Promise Day Quotes for Friends

“Promise yourself…
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health,happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.”

Friendship is not a word,
not simply a relationship,
it is a silent promise which says,
A HEADACHE for u, forever & ever

No matter where you are
I will always find my way to
Make a promise of living with you forever
happy Promise day

Send these promise day quotes for your nearest and dearest With this Promise Day and the words will provide your devotion to your loved one’s heart.

Happy Promise Day 2018

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